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Cybersecurity at the Dawn of Quantum Computing
Current Reality, Threats & Countermeasures


The era of Quantum Computing is fast approaching.  Since 2019, we have seen a fourfold, eightfold, and now a twenty-five fold growth of the number of qubits in IBM-made computers.  If that pace of development continues to exponentially increase in the next few years, we will see quantum computers with more than ten thousand qubits or even a million very soon.  

Coupled with the fact that one of the best-known algorithms for quantum computers has already been designed to shatter the foundations of asymmetric cryptography, and another one offers the possibility to speed-up attacks on symmetric cryptography presents a real and imminent danger that in the next several years, a quantum computer will be able to break our cryptographic systems and threaten the security of the entire digital economy. 

While it is indeed hard to predict when precisely quantum computers will be capable of damaging or weakening the foundations of cybersecurity (we call them Cryptographically Relevant Quantum Computers – CRQC), it is possible to assess the risks specific to your organizations’ current information security set up.  Additionally, solutions to mitigate these risks are available now – in the form of more robust computational cryptography (called Post-Quantum Cryptography) and unbreakable quantum cryptography (represented by QKD – Quantum Key Distribution).

At Quantum Blockchains, we offer a comprehensive consulting service aimed at understanding the threats and risks to your organization, guiding you with evaluating the two different types of solutions (Post-Quantum Cryptography and QKD) and assisting with their implementation. 

There are two levels of service which we can provide depending on your needs. The first one which is more advisory in nature provides an in-depth walkthrough of our current Quantum Cryptography solutions and how they can address your current organizational needs.  It does not require entering into confidentiality agreement. The second level of service which is more hands on and also involves us analyzing your current information security set up requires a confidentiality agreement (in the form of a specific NDA contract). 

As an introduction to the topics and services discussed here, we also offer the possibility of holding either an in-person seminar or webinar which will allow you to get acquainted with cybersecurity in the era of quantum computing.

For all of our customers we are also offering the access to the Quantum Cryptography Knowledge Graph – a unique resource created by our team which will help you to navigate through this novel domain. 

If you are interested in any of our services, please fill the form below at your earliest convenience, and we will send you an overview with more details: 

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