Quantum Blockchains

About us

Quantum Blockchains is driven by two primary objectives: enhancing blockchain security and fostering the broader adoption of quantum cryptography.

In today’s digital-centric world, blockchains hold a pivotal role, deeply rooted in their foundational cryptographic frameworks. Their functionality and credibility are intrinsically linked to the robustness of the cryptographic algorithms they utilize.

Given this backdrop, blockchains emerge as the premier platform for the development and implementation of formidable quantum-resistant cryptographic strategies. Our dedication to fortifying blockchain security not only advances this specific realm but also positions us at the forefront of broader cryptographic challenges, underscoring the imperative of quantum-resistant cryptography advancements.

The startup is registered as a private limited company in Lublin, Poland, within the European Union. Our headquarters are situated in Lublin, with our operational office based in the city of Lodz, Poland.

The company officially commenced its activities on October 1st, 2021. Following an initial incubation period, we secured grant funding from the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, utilizing EU funds. In July 2022, the Warsaw-based VC fund, LT Capital, made a seed-phase investment.

We are proud to have a team of eight specialists, encompassing quantum information scientists and developers. The company’s shareholders actively contribute to its progression and development.

In the two years since our inception, we’ve successfully developed QSB – Quantum Secured Blockchain. This innovation harnesses three pivotal elements of Quantum Cryptography: Quantum Key Distribution, Quantum Random Number Generators, and Post-Quantum Cryptography.

From the perspective of quantum-resistant cryptography, we’ve crafted a device designed for post-Quantum Key Distribution and a quantum entropy generator. This functions as a QKD emulator, boasting a security level consistent with NIST-recommended post-quantum algorithms. Such advancements have empowered us to introduce the Quantum Cryptography Migration System, significantly expediting the transition to quantum-resistance for our clientele.

Furthermore, we offer a quantum entropy API, consulting services within the quantum-resistant cryptography realm, and access to a comprehensive quantum cryptography knowledge base.

We are committed to gender equality. See our Gender Equality Plan.

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