Quantum Blockchains

pQKD is our groundbreaking cybersecurity solution designed to accelerate the transition towards quantum-resistant cryptographic systems.

It serves as the foundation of our Quantum Cryptography Migration System (QCMS) which facilitates our multi-stage, phased implementation of quantum cryptography in the business environment.

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pQKD achieves this goal by strictly adhering to QKD protocols in accordance with global communication standards established by ETSI for QKD technology. Unlike traditional solutions that require dedicated fiber optic links, pQKD leverages an out-of-band network channel secured by post-quantum cryptography for cryptographic key distribution.

pQKD incorporates an authentic Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) provided by industry leader, ID Quantique. This QRNG operates independently from the QKD emulation functions and serves as a robust local source of entropy for various cryptographic applications.

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A key feature of pQKD is its versatility which enables seamless integration with any network-layer encryption device supporting key exchange based on ETSI QKD protocols. It is also compatible with a wide range of VPN applications and appliances, ensuring secure key exchange for all quantum-resistant systems. While pQKD does not provide the physical security inherent to genuine QKD solutions, it offers a level of security equivalent to or surpassing post-quantum key distribution mechanisms recommended by NIST.

Additionally, pQKD serves as a powerful proprietary encryptor for network communication applications, employing highly secure, long-key AES algorithms in addition to the proven secure OTP (one-time pad) method. This comprehensive capability ensures enhanced protection within a user-friendly package.


The design of the device is the subject of the company's patent application entitled "A method and a device for encryption key distribution and communication" and the certification process for the production-grade versions is underway.

You can download the pQKD brochure containing the device specification here.
The device documentation will soon be made available. We are now selling fully functional prototype versions of pQKD, manufactured for Quantum Blockchains by Eutonomy (www.eutonomy.com)


If you are interested in purchasing the devices or would like to receive more information about them, please fill out the form below:

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