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Our partnerships

Quantum Blockchains Inc. actively collaborates with its partners to help the industry transition to secure solutions in the age of emerging quantum computers. Partnerships with manufacturers of hardware solutions for quantum cryptography are particularly important to us. We also establish partnerships with developers of solutions that help disseminate knowledge about quantum cryptography and blockchains.

We are currently in partnership agreements with:

  • QNU Labs 

QNU Labs is a cybersecurity company based in Bengaluru, India. It was the first company in India to successfully develop commercial cybersecurity products using QKD – Quantum Key Distribution. As part of our agreement with QNU Labs, we distribute QNU Labs QKD solutions on the European Union market. More information about QNU Labs:  

  • SeQure 

SeQure is a Chilean-Polish startup dealing with quantum technologies, which was created as a result of scientific cooperation between the University of Concepción in Chile and the University of Gdańsk in Poland. The highly international SeQure team (USA, Brazil, Chile, Poland, Germany) currently consists of 10 employees (+ external collaborators), including physicists, engineers (both software and hardware), designers, plus management and administration. Its technical team is highly specialized in prototyping and hardware / software development, with extensive experience in quantum optics and photonics technologies. More information about SeQure:

  • Klaster Q 

Together with leading Polish universities, research institutes and companies, on May 23, 2022 at the University of Warsaw, we established “Cluster Q” – the Cluster of Quantum Technologies.

The cluster is consolidating activities in the field of quantum computing, quantum communication systems, quantum cryptography, the use of quantum sensors and many other aspects of quantum technologies. The development of quantum technologies may truly revolutionize the economy of European countries.

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