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We are a small, young startup with great ideas and even bigger plans!
Our products and services are now under development since we got seed funding in October 2021.
In this page we include their basic description. Stay tuned or contact us for more information and the updates!

Quantum Blockchain

This is our flagship product under development. It is based on our prior theoretical work „Towards Quantum-Secured Permissioned Blockchain: Signature, Consensus, and Logic” (see “Our papers” section). From the blockchain code perspective it now is based on a simplified model encoded in Typescript to run under NodeJS environment. Our development is now focused on the essential novelty of our solution – the use of Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) for Blockchain. QKD represents the most secure method of Quantum Cryptography. We believe that using QKD for Blockchain we can create highest possible security (so called “information-theoretic security” for Blockchain systems). This level of security comes at a cost. Many known features of the Blockchains as we know them today, shall change.

Novel Quantum Communication protocols for Blockchain

Quantum Information science in general and Quantum Cryptography in particular offer promising methods that potentially could be used not only to enhance blockchains security but also to improve fundamental pillars on which they stay, like consensus mechanisms or smart-contracts. We are analyzing promising existing protocols, like CKA — Conference Key Agreement and are working on new ones. We believe that some iconic quantum phenomena like entanglement offer a possibility to make Blockchains faster, more resilient and better adapted to the changes in digital technology. However, we also proposed a conceptual scheme that enhances consensus protocol assuming only the use of Quantum Key Distribution techniques which are commercially available today (See: “Multi-party Quantum Byzantine Agreement without Entanglement” in our papers section).

Special use cases for Quantum Blockchain: Voting, Lottery and Auction

Quantum Blockchains offer an excellent environment for completely new implementation of fundamental social protocols like voting, lottery and auction. All these protocols have been studied as theoretical use cases. Our contribution to that field includes a paper on lottery and auction ( “Bit Commitment for Lottery and Auction on Quantum Blockchain”) and papers on Quantum Voting:  “A Simple Voting Protocol on Quantum Blockchain”, “Schrödinger’s Ballot: Quantum Information and the Violation of Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem” and  “Distributed Quantum Vote Based on Quantum Logical Operators, a New Battlefield of the Second Quantum Revolution” (see our papers section for references). The two last papers offer a realistic perspective for implementation of voting protocols that can bring greater fairness, better democratic compliance and expressiveness to our societies.

Quantum Source of Entropy

Random number generators have been in use for decades in the construction of cryptographic algorithms. They form an indispensable element of the security of cryptosystems and have been used for decades in the construction of cryptographic algorithms. They are an essential element of the security of almost all cryptosystems.

However, existing software solutions, called pseudo-random numbers generators (PRNG) cannot offer true unpredictability when they are used as a source of randomness. The random numbers generators based on various physical processes (like a measurement of an thermal or electric noise), called True Random Numbers Generators. However, the quality of the random number sequences generated by TRNGs difficult to assess, so it is often questionable.

The measure of unpredictability is entropy. What is needed is a random source with high entropy – then we can achieve truly uniform distribution of unpredictable random values.

This why we have decided to use Quantum Random Number Generators for Quantum Blockchains and for other cryptographic applications. The quality of QRNGs comes from the famous Born’s rule of Quantum Mechanics, which states that the measurement outcome of a quantum state is intrinsically random because it can never be predicted. In QRNGs the inherent randomness of quantum measurements is put to use for the generation of random numbers with high entropy.

Our company is building software that will deliver (via a set of web-based services) random numbers generators generated by QRNG devices installed on our servers. We are currently using QRNGs made by ID Quantique installed in our lab. The services will soon be available. Stay tuned to the Current Services section of our site.

Cryptology Knowledge Graph

While creating the vision of the future of our company, we noticed that the common knowledge about Quantum Cryptography is very poor. It is also unclear to many how Quantum Cryptography is positioned among other branches of cryptology (a discipline of science which primary object of interest is study of cryptosystems), i.e. classical and post-quantum cryptography. One of the goals we have defined was the creation of advanced Knowledge Graph and Ontology of Cryptology with particular emphasis on Quantum Cryptography. We have entered into partnership with Metaphacts and will use their collaborative knowledge modeling and knowledge generation system to create Cryptology Knowledge Graph. The large parts of the Cryptology Knowledge Graph will be available free-of-charge.

Consulting Services

Creating the concept of Quantum Blockchain allowed our team to garner a large amount of knowledge and know-how ranging from classical, post-quantum and quantum cryptography to modern Blockchain systems. We offer consulting service which can help in making a smooth transition from existing cryptographic solutions to the quantum-secure solution both for traditional cybersecurity systems and for blockchains.

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