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Quantum Blockchains

Provably Secure solutions for the next generation of Distributed Ledgers

About us

Quantum Blockchains Inc. is a startup aiming to create functioning Blockchain technology capable of resisting the currently emerging threats from Quantum Computers. The company is planning a radical step, and instead of post-quantum algorithms, it will use the latest achievements of quantum cryptography to create provably secure solutions, which enhance data protection, integrity and processing speed.

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Products, Services and Research

We are a small, young startup with great ideas and even bigger plans! Our products and services are now under development since we got seed funding in October 2021. In this page we include their basic description. Stay tuned or contact us for more information and the updates!

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Our Team

Image of Dr Mirek Sopek

Dr Mirek Sopek


Dr Mirosław Sopek is a graduate of the Faculty of Technical Physics and Applied Mathematics of the Lodz University of Technology. He received his doctorate at the Faculty of Chemistry in the field of Theoretical Chemistry. In 1989 he founded the digital agency MakoLab which went public in 2007. In 2014 he created Chemical Semantics Inc, and in 2017 LEI.INFO – both in the state of Florida, USA. He is also the CTO at MakoLab SA.

Image of Prof. Piotr Kulicki

Prof. Piotr Kulicki

Chief Researcher

Prof. Piotr Kulicki is a director at the Department of Computer Science at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Catholic University of Lublin. He was the dean of the Faculty of Philosophy for many years. He is an outstanding logician and our link to wider academic community.

Image of Dr Xin Sun

Dr Xin Sun

Chief Scientist

Dr. Xin Sun is a graduate of Tsinghua University in philosophy. He holds a PhD in computer science from the University of Luxembourg. He held the position of "Visting Scientist" at the University of Oxford (Department of Computer Science). He was an associate researcher in Sun Yat-sen University and is currently a researcher at the Catholic University of Lublin, Poland.

Image of Victor Thkifati

Victor Thkifati

Marketing Advisor

Victor Thkifati is a graduate of Brooklyn College where he completed three fields of study: Business Management and Finance, Marketing and Arts/Film. He has worked for Citigroup, Deutsche Bank and currently works at Société Générale, NYC as vice president.

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Our partnerships

Quantum Blockchains Inc. enters into partnership agreement with companies and institutions which are creating quantum cryptography software and hardware solutions, blockchain oriented companies and companies creating tools that help in creation of quantum cryptography awareness.

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