Quantum Blockchains

Seamless and Cost-Efficient Transition to Quantum Cryptography

Despite varied and occasionally conflicting perspectives, Quantum Cryptography emerges as the optimal choice for securing communication and data storage, given its unique features: unconditional security, eavesdropping detection, everlasting security (forward secrecy), decentralized trust, and compatibility with existing infrastructure.

Compared to other quantum-resistant technologies, it prevails when security is the ultimate priority.

However, these advantages come with considerable costs. Quantum Cryptography solutions are expensive to build. Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) devices often carry price tags in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and establishing a dedicated fiber optic link is a costly and complex undertaking.

To address this conundrum, our company has developed the Quantum Cryptography Migration System (QCMS). 

The QCMS approach is constructed around a five-phase migration principle:

  1. Installation of the pQKD devices, serving as a QKD emulators and as a true source of quantum entropy
  2. Configuration and setup of encryption hardware and/or software solutions.
  3. Testing the system for efficacy and performance.
  4. Upgrading the pQKD to a full-fledged QKD.
  5. Transforming the initial pQKD into a backup solution for enhanced resilience.

The implementation of QCMS is preceded by a comprehensive suite of consulting services, which include auditing the client’s infrastructure and assessing its readiness for Quantum Cryptography migration.

As part of our preparatory consulting services, we offer seminars titled, “Cybersecurity at the Dawn of Quantum Computing: Current Reality, Threats & Countermeasures.

Throughout the entire QCMS rollout, we assist our clients in fortifying their critical infrastructure. In addition to managing the pQKD rollout and transition to Quantum Cryptography, we concurrently provide expertise for upgrading the classical digital signatures and certificates infrastructure to their post-quantum equivalents.

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