Quantum Blockchains

Introducing Quantum Secured Blockchain: A Comprehensive Whitepaper

In lieu of a dedicated whitepaper, until now, our company has leveraged a series of peer-reviewed publications to expound on the theoretical underpinnings of our blockchain technology.

This whitepaper represents a seminal moment in our journey, as it formally introduces the Quantum Secured Blockchain (QSB) software implementation. The QSB is a pioneering technology, conceived, developed, and presently being deployed by Quantum Blockchains Inc. The QSB’s primary mission is to exemplify a robust blockchain that can resist anticipated cryptographic attacks from quantum computers.

This whitepaper comes to fruition after an intense year and several months of developmental efforts.

It begins with a succinct historical overview of our progress, which led from theoretical explorations to a fully operational blockchain built on one of the most prestigious platforms in the blockchain realm – Substrate.

Subsequently, we delve into why blockchain technology must equip itself for the impending Quantum Era. This primarily entails mitigating the risks associated with Quantum Computers. Following a brief overview of known strategies for blockchain protection, we define and showcase the QSB – Quantum Secured Blockchain. This system leverages the triad of paramount quantum-resistant technologies: Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), Quantum Random Number Generation (QRNG), and Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC).

Further, we outline our patent-pending device designed to make the deployment of a quantum blockchain a tangible reality. Lastly, we expound on our forward-looking invention, which contemplates the use of quantum communication to address the perennial issue of consensus within blockchain systems.

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