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Quantum Blockchain’s CEO Dr. Sopek Delivers Opening Lecture at University of Lodz event

On November 16th, Quantum Blockchains’ CEO Dr. Mirek Sopek was invited to deliver the opening lecture at the prestigious University of Lodz as part of Information Technology Days which was organized in the real after a two-year hiatus caused by the pandemic. The title of Dr. Sopek’s lecture was “Quantum Information Science in the third decade of the 21st century. Opportunities and threats for our civilization” where he discussed that society was undergoing a second quantum revolution where the established principles of quantum mechanics are being applied towards the development of new technologies including quantum computers, quantum sensors and quantum cryptography. These new quantum-based technologies have the dual capability of posing a significant threat to society such as to the encryption standards used today and at the same time greatly enhance the processing capabilities in all fields of application leading to revolutionary breakthroughs.  During the event, students also had the opportunity to visit the offices of IT companies during a series of study visits and were able to learn more about Quantum Blockchains and its mission in developing innovative quantum-based technology to mitigate the threats posed by the advent of quantum computing and at the same time creating opportunities with multiple use cases.  

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