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Quantum Blockchains Hosts Second iteration of the Marian Rejewski Award

Quantum Blockchains and MakoLab
are pleased to announce the successful hosting of the second iteration of the
Marian Rejewski Award for outstanding master’s degree theses in the field of
applied mathematics. This award, named in honor of the prominent Polish
cryptographer and cryptanalyst Marian Rejewski, aims to inspire emerging
talents in the field of mathematics and encourage path-breaking research
reminiscent of Rejewski’s trailblazing spirit.


We are thrilled to share that two distinguished Polish
mathematicians have been selected as the recipients of this prestigious award
this year. The decision was made in light of their significant scholarly
contributions and their unyielding dedication to pushing the boundaries of our
understanding of applied mathematics. The award ceremony was held amidst the
grand celebrations of the 78th anniversary of the Technical University of Lodz
(TUL), a milestone event that stands as a testament to the enduring tradition
of academic excellence and innovation at TUL.


The award’s namesake, Marian Rejewski, is a national icon
who made remarkable strides in the field of cryptography and cryptanalysis. He
etched his name in the annals of history with his groundbreaking decipherment
of the German Enigma code, years before the onset of World War II. This
extraordinary achievement has greatly shaped the course of cryptographic
studies. His inventive device, popularly referred to as the “Bomb”,
served as a catalyst for the legendary British mathematician and computer
scientist, Alan Turing, inspiring him to design a more advanced machine to
crack the Enigma code, thus aiding the Allied forces in the war.


As the funding organizations behind the Marian Rejewski
Award, Quantum Blockchains is proud to be a part of a venture that immortalizes
Rejewski’s enduring legacy. It is our hope that through this award, we can
foster a passion for mathematical discovery and research and motivate aspiring
mathematicians to scale new peaks in their chosen fields. We eagerly anticipate
the future achievements of the award recipients and remain committed to
supporting and recognizing exceptional talent in the realm of applied

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