Quantum Blockchains

Quantum Blockchains’ CEO Participates in Boston’s Quantum.Tech

We are delighted to have our CEO, Dr Mirek Sopek participate in the Quantum.Tech event in Boston which runs from April 24 through April 26.  Quantum.Tech brings together over 80 quantum experts from across the complete landscape of quantum technologies and hosts cutting-edge sessions that emphasize the integration of quantum innovations within life sciences, financial services,
quantum communication and cryptography, transportation and logistics.  Another key discussion is around the threat quantum presents for Cybersecurity and what that means for today’s CISO.  All points which Quantum Blockchains is currently working on addressing.  Dr. Sopek also participated in a special VIP only session, “Platforms and Processors Evaluation Day”. 

In order to learn more about our innovative developments or to network with Dr. Sopek, please send an email to sopek@quantumblockchains.io or message @sopekmir on Telegram.  We look forward to connecting with you and building the future of Quantum technologies together! 



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