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Quantum Blockchains Attends Polish Radio 26th Science Picnic

This past weekend, Quantum Blockchains was excited to attend the annual Science Picnic event which is held by public broadcaster Polish Radio at Warsaw’s National Stadium.  The main theme of the event was scientific revolutions which perfect aligns with the objectives and developments of Quantum Blockchains, especially, our Quantum Secured Blockchain (QSB) with its innovative topology modeled as a physical artifact and its line of QKD emulators. 

We also leveraged this event to engage with institutions from Klaster Q (Klaster Technologii Kwantowych).  Klaster Q is an organization established in May 2022 in order to combine and use the knowledge and resources available to private enterprises, scientific and research and development units, as well as institutions surrounding the high-tech sector.  The organization includes both private enterprises, universities and scientific institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences.   During the event, we engaged with notable institutions such as the Military Academy of Warsaw, Polish Academy of Science and Creotech Company.   

The main reason for Klaster Q’s presence was to promote Quantum Cryptography which also perfectly aligned with our objective and developments. There were two lab setups for QKD like quantum optics experiments and much about encryption.  Our exhibition especially aligned with their presence at the picnic. 

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