Quantum Blockchains

QNu Labs CEO Visits Quantum Blockchains to Discuss Ongoing Partnerships

During the past month, the CEO and founder of QNu Labs, Sunil Gupta visited the Quantum Blockchains team to discuss the ongoing collaboration and partnerships between companies.  This included the formation of QNu Labs Europe which aims to expand QNU Labs’ quantum operations and products, already well established in India, into the Europe continent as well as increased scientific collaboration between the two teams which will also contribute towards the development of Quantum Blockchains’ key product.  

In yet another collaborative venture between companies, Mr. Gupta and the Quantum Blockchains team visited the Fiber Optics Lab at TUL of Lodz and discussed the opening of a QKD Certification center in partnership between QNULabs, Quantum Blockchains and the University.  The visit was concluded by a meeting with the two university vice-rectors to discuss other initiatives involving European quantum communication infrastructure. 

We continue to look forward to establishing future collaborations and scientific achievements in Quantum with our key partner, QNu Labs.

The future is Quantum! 


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