Quantum Blockchains

Quantum Blockchains CEO Participates in Madrid OpenQKD Conference

Quantum Blockchains CEO Dr. Mirek Sopek recently participated in one of the most important conferences of 2022 related to Quantum Communication and Quantum Cryptography. The OpenQKD Conference which took place in Madrid from December 14-15 at the historic location of The School of Mining Engineering of Madrid brought together leading scientific and industry experts from the European Open European Quantum Key Distribution (OpenQKD) consortium. It covered multiple important aspects of domain development including the official policy of the European Commission on Quantum Communication exemplified by huge investment in the EuroQCI funding initiative, the technical and scientific aspects of the technology and the different variety of use cases in which quantum communications is now being used. 

It also presented an opportunity for Quantum Blockchains to establish new relationships and potential partnerships with key players in the Quantum field.

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