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We are launching a unique Quantum Entropy-as-a-Service solution. For the first time you can have access to four independent sources of entropy through a single and easy to use API. 

Why delivering Entropy from Quantum Random Number Generators?

While there are many sources of randomness available for today’s digital applications, there is no doubt that the only true source of unpredictable randomness, measured by entropy can be delivered by Quantum sources. This comes from the scientific fact that quantum measurement processes, unlike any other computational or physical processes are absolutely unpredictable.

Why so many suppliers?

When using one entropy provider, you must always remember that there is always a risk that despite a secure network connection, a random bitstream can be intercepted as it travels from the provider to you. By combing entropy from multiple independent sources, you greatly reduce this risk. This is why we work with FOUR independent entropy provides to generate the highest, best and the most secured entropy source/

What you can do with our API?

Using our unified API you can request your high entropy random numbers in multiple numeric and binary formats, independent of the actual entropy source. For numeric formats we offer: integer (short (16 bit), 32 bit and long (64 bit)) plus floating point numbers (float and double). For binary formats we offer bigint, hex, binary, base64 and base56 formats. You can also request pure binary block (blob) of data as a file. You can use our API to generate passwords, mnemonics for blockchain applications, keys for encryption and more.

What more could we do for you?

We can provide additional software services for you. For example, we can integrate our API into your software, or generate other formats of data. passwords or keys. One of the interesting services we can offer is related to locally generated entropy based on our API. Ask us for more details.

Is it free services?

Yes, for the time being we offer our entropy sources free-of-charge. However, please be advised that we can turn this services into low cost, yet commercial service in the near future.

Are you ready to try?

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Consult our API documentation

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