Our mission

Quantum Blockchains Inc. is a startup aiming to create functioning Blockchain technology capable of resisting the currently emerging threats from Quantum Computers. The company is planning a radical step, and instead of post-quantum algorithms, it will use the latest achievements of quantum cryptography to create provably secure solutions, which enhance data protection, integrity and processing speed.

Our foundations

Quantum Blockchains Inc. is building its products and services on its founders’ prior scientific investigations. The company’s founders have co-authored several scientific papers which have established the theoretical basis for the technology. The project will use Quantum Key Distribution… QKD … to create a true Quantum Blockchain, where the cryptographic primitives and consensus algorithms are designed with the help of QKD.

Our papers

Xin Sun, Quanlong Wang, Piotr Kulicki, Mirek Sopek
„A Simple Voting Protocol on Quantum Blockchain”
International Journal of Theoretical Physics

Xin Sun, Piotr Kulicki, Mirek Sopek
„A Lottery and Auction on Quantum Blockchain”
Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, ENTROPY

Xin Sun, Mirek Sopek, Piotr Kulicki
„Towards Quantum-Secured Permissioned Blockchain: Signature, Consensus, and Logic”
Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, ENTROPY

Xin Sun, Mirek Sopek, Quanlong Wang, Piotr Kulicki
"Quantum Blockchain, a Simplified Framework"
Quantum Information and Management, Rome 2019

Xin Sun, Mirek Sopek, Quanlong Wang, Piotr Kulicki
"Multi-party Quantum Byzantine Agreement without Entanglement"
Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, ENTROPY

Xin Sun, Piotr Kulicki, Mirek Sopek
"Bit Commitment for Lottery and Auction on Quantum Blockchain"
Submitted to Quantum Information Processing

Xin Sun, Feifei He, Piotr Kulicki, Mirek Sopek
"Schrödinger's Ballot: Quantum Information and the Violation of Arrow's Impossibility Theorem"
Special Issue of MDPI Entropy "Quantum Communication" 2021, 23, 1083

Xin Sun, Piotr Kulicki, Mirek Sopek
"Logic Programming with Post-Quantum Cryptographic Primitives for Smart Contract on Quantum-Secured Blockchain"
Special Issue of MDPI Entropy "Quantum Communication" 2021, 23, 1120

Mirek Sopek
"GraphChain and Quantum Blockchain"
Blockspaces Lab Workshop, February 2019, Tampa

Our team

Dr Mirek Sopek
Dr Mirosław Sopek is a graduate of the Faculty of Technical Physics and Applied Mathematics of the Lodz University of Technology. He received his doctorate at the Faculty of Chemistry in the field of Theoretical Chemistry. In 1989 he founded the digital agency MakoLab which went public in 2007. In 2014 he created Chemical Semantics Inc, and in 2017 LEI.INFO – both in the state of Florida, USA. He is also the CTO at MakoLab SA.
Dr. Xin Sun
Chief Scientist
Dr. Xin Sun is a graduate of Tsinghua University in philosophy. He holds a PhD in computer science from the University of Luxembourg. He held the position of "Visting Scientist" at the University of Oxford (Department of Computer Science). He was an associate researcher in Sun Yat-sen University and is currently a researcher at the Catholic University of Lublin, Poland.
Prof. Piotr Kulicki
Chief Researcher
Prof. Piotr Kulicki is a director at the Department of Computer Science at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Catholic University of Lublin. He was the dean of the Faculty of Philosophy for many years. He is an outstanding logician and our link to wider academic community.
Jerzy Karasiuk
Jerzy Karasiuk graduated in foreign trade / management and finance from Warsaw School of Economics. He has over 25 years of operational experience in finance / asset management / M&A. For many years connected with PZU Group. In 2011-2015, Member of the Management Board, CFO at PZU Lithuania.

Contact us

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Official address: Quantum Blockchains Inc.,
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email: info@quantumblockchains.io
tel: +1 551 226 5488
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