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The Company Quantum Blockchains Sp. z o.o. implements project No. POPW.01.01.02-06-0031/21-00, entitled: "Development and market implementation of innovative products and services in the field of quantum cryptography related to the concept of a Quantum Blockchain System" under the Operational Program - Eastern Poland 2014-2020, Priority Axis I: Entrepreneurial Eastern Poland, Activities 1.1 Starting platforms for new ideas, Sub-measures 1.1.2 Development of startups in Eastern Poland.

Project goals: The project's main goal is the development of products and services related to innovative technology in the field of quantum cryptography under the name of Quantum Blockchain. The essence of this technology is the ability to construct IT solutions capable of such a level of data security that will eliminate the risks resulting from the currently emerging quantum computers. In particular, the company's solutions allow you to secure Blockchain-class systems.

Planned effects: The most important result planned to be achieved as a result of the project will be the introduction of solutions from the field of quantum cryptography, in particular related to Blockchain class solutions.

Project value: 1 196 705.75 PLN

Contribution of European Funds: 1 000 000,00 PLN

Implementation period: 01/10/2021 - 31/12/2022


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