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Quantum Blockchains Begins Marketing and Sales of pQKD devices

We are excited to announce the introduction of our innovative cybersecurity product, pQKD, a pioneering development intended to fast-track the transition to quantum-resistant cryptographic systems. pQKD signifies an important advancement in fortifying sensitive data against the looming threat posed by quantum computing technology.

At its essence, pQKD faithfully emulates Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) protocols, fully aligned with the globally recognized communication standards set by ETSI.  By capitalizing on an out-of-band network channel for the distribution of cryptographic keys, and QRNG module, pQKD successfully bypasses the requirement for dedicated fiber optic connections. The distribution methodology is further strengthened by employing the Kyber key encapsulation mechanism (KEM), a post-quantum strategy specifically designed to counteract potential breaches from future quantum computing technologies. It’s  worth noting that Kyber is slated for inclusion in the forthcoming NIST standards, a testament to its robustness and dependability amidst the rapidly transforming cybersecurity environment.

One of the integral features of pQKD is its genuine on-chip Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) provided by industry leader ID Quantique. Operating independently of the QKD emulation function, the QRNG serves as a high-grade local source of entropy for any cryptographic application. This capability enhances the robustness and versatility of the pQKD system in advanced cybersecurity scenarios.

pQKD exhibits remarkable versatility, capable of interfacing with any network-layer encryption device that supports key exchange using ETSI QKD protocols. It is also compatible with various hardware and software solutions, including VPN applications and appliances. In essence, pQKD provides secure key exchange for quantum-resistant systems, offering a level of security on par with post-quantum key distribution mechanisms, albeit without the physical security provided by true QKD devices.

Furthermore, pQKD offers seamless functionality as a user-friendly encryptor for network communication applications. Leveraging highly secure, long-key AES algorithms and provably secure OTP (one-time pad) methods, it delivers enhanced protection for your data.


We are excited to share that the design and innovations behind pQKD have led us to file a patent application mentioned earlier titled: A Method and a Device for Encryption Key Distribution and Communication.  This showcases our commitment to pushing the boundaries of cybersecurity innovation.

The initial product flyer is available here:

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