Quantum Blockchains

First phase of deliverables completed

As of April this year, Quantum Blockchains has completed the first phase of  of the deliverables of its products and services. The most important achievement is the delivery of our simple blockchain model (see visualization below ),  which is equipped with the code that uses real, physical QKD devices. 

QKD devices, otherwise known as Quantum Key Distribution, provide the hardware implementation of the most important process in quantum cryptography – the process of secure encryption key exchange. The security of the exchanged keys by QKD standards is considered the  strongest among all cryptographic methods because their resistance to breaking is based on the laws of quantum physics and not on the computational complexity of any specific algorithm.

 A pair of Armos QKD appliances was made available to us by our partner QNU Labs for many months of development and testing and as a result, QNU Labs has created a case study based on our work. which can be obtained here.

In  a later part of our development, we  also used QKD devices made available to us by Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center which are manufactured by ID Quantique. 

Our blockchain model was able to execute tens of thousands of transactions protected by quantum cryptography and as such it forms the first realistic Quantum Blockchain .

We have also used QRNG API which we have developed as the source of entropy for the blockchain.

In addition to the main deliverable we have also achived the following milestones:

  •  Developed and perfected our QRNG API by inclusion of the sources of entropy from many other partners, and by providing testing of their sources’ randomness.  We  will report on these results soon.
  •  Developed an experimental version of a blockchain wallet, which uses quantum entropy generated by our QRNG and made available by our API.
  •  Developed a modified Ethereum client where we used the quantum sources of entropy to provide better randomness for transport protocol and key generation processes.
  •  Developed a Quantum Cryptography Knowledge Graph which encapsulates the basic knowledge about the domain of science which forms the basis of our work.
  •  Developed the foundations of our main product – Quantum Metachain and have created the first version of its whitepaper which will be made available soon. 
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